MIGOP State Convention Results

LANSING, Mich., August 30, 2020—The following results are from the Michigan Republican Party’s 2020 Nominating Convention which was held virtually this weekend. These nominees will be voted upon on the November 3rd general election ballot.

Nominees by Office:

Michigan Electors for President

At Large | Meshawn Maddock
At Large | Kathy Berden
District 1 | John Haggard
District 2 | Kent Venderwood
District 3 | Terri Lynn Land
District 4 | Gerald Wall
District 5 | Amy Facchinello
District 6 | Rose Rook
District 7 | Hank Choate
District 8 | Mari-Ann Henry
District 9 | Clifford Frost
District 10 | Stanley Grot
District 11 | Marian Sheridan
District 12 | Timothy King
District 13 | Michele Lundgren
District 14 | Mayra Rodriguez
Michigan Supreme Court
Mary Kelly
Brock Swartzle
State Board of Education
Tami Carlone
Michelle Frederick
Wayne State Board of Governors
Terri Lynn Land
Don Gates
MSU Board of Trustees
Pat O'Keefe
Tonya Schuitmaker

U of M Board of Regents

Sarah Hubbard
Carl Meyer